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Our 10 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Approved by leading carpet cleaning authorities & ensuring every carpet is treated with the upmost care.

1. Inspection / Survey

One of experts will visit your home or premises to inspect your carpet.  We will be checking the amount of soiling, fixings, seams and backings. From the information gathered here we can decide on which system and method of cleaning is best. 


2. Fibre Test 

We often use the burn test to help identify what kind of material your carpets are made from. This helps us know which cleaning solution to use, and will let us know if certain types of stains are removable. 

Dye Test
3. Dye Test

All colours are chemically ph tested to see if there is any risk of dye bleed. This ensures the use of the correct cleaning solution to prevent any dye bleed. 

Comb Pile
4. Comb the Pile 

We comb the pile to separate and release matted pile, so the carpet is ready for more effective dust extraction. 

Vacuum Carpets
5. Vacuum

We use a professional vacuum cleaner to power vacuum the carpet. Extracting dust, grit and other dry soil to prevent turning dust into muddy residue. 

Carpet Stains
6. Treat Stains

If you’re having stains removed they should be treated prior to the main cleaning of the carpets. This ensures that the full depth of stain is removed. 

Pre Spray Carpet
7. Pre Spray Treatment 

We use a specially formulated pre spray to help dissolve greasy soils. This can ensure better overall results when cleaning carpets.

Deep Cleaning
8. Deep Cleaning 

We then clean the full area of the carpet using the system and method decided at stage 1 (inspection). 

Hand Cleaning Carpets
9. Hand Cleaning

We clean stairs, edges and other hard to reach areas by hand. Using appropriate tools and methods. 

Comb Pile
10. Realign Pile & Drying 

The pile must be correctly set whilst still damp. We place protector pads or blocks on furniture. We ensure adequate ventilation for drying and or introduce a mechanical air mover. 

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All quotes for carpet cleaning will be sent on the same day we receive the message. 


Is Your Carpet Cleaning Service Near Me?

We are based in Radlett, Hertfordshire and we offer our carpet cleaning service to areas within a 20 mile radius of our office. Check the map below and the list of areas to see if we can clean your carpets. If you’re just outside the radius please do contact us, as we may still be able to offer our carpet cleaning service to you. 

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