About our Upholstery Cleaning Service Bovingdon 

Are you searching for a good quality cleaning service for your worn-out or dirty upholstery in Bovingdon? Concerned about the quality of service for the money you will be paying? Then you are at the right place. Our upholstery cleaning service in Bovingdon will give you the results that others can’t provide. 

Using our leading-edge technology with the experience of our skilled professional staff our cleaning services will bring back the look of your sofas while using solutions that cause no harm to the fabric of the furniture. The clean look of your sofa will last for a long time once we clean it.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

Want to know what makes our method of cleaning different from others? Our staff have attended industry leading training courses and our special technology is designed for giving the best results in the minimum possible time. We can speedily clean your sofas with less time required for drying up. We will also apply special eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning solutions for eliminating residues of dust and dirt and any other stains. You will notice the shine in your sofas if you decide to take advantage of our services.

We have a very simple and to the point cleaning process. Our focus is on cleaning the sofa in such a way that its beauty is enhanced while the fabric which the sofa is made of is not compromised in any way. The colours and quality will remain the same after our process is applied. If we feel that we can’t provide you the service you are looking for then We will let you know in advance without wasting your time and raising your expectations. 

We don’t just provide upholstery cleaning services in Bovingdon. Besides that, we will also serve your sofas with cover protection if you want to keep your sofa stain-free for an extended period. After some time your sofa gathers small particles of dust etc, which and are very detrimental to your sofa. It will end up causing quick aging of your sofa before time. With our modern techniques of cleaning, we can remove any type of residue that is damaging your upholstery, without any trouble. Power of pressure uses the most advanced equipment in the industry to provide efficient results. Our impressive drying process will take not more than 8 hours to dry up your sofa for use. Your satisfaction is our priority.

About Bovingdon

The village of Bovingdon is just four miles from the southwest of Hemel Hempstead, falling under the local authority of Dacorum. The dynamic and vibrant high street of Bovingdon hosts a Memorial Hall and library, besides many local businesses. The sessions of the famous historical society of Bovingdon, The Bovingdon History Group. When the United States Air Force took over the Royal Air Force Airfield in Bovingdon General Dwight D.Eisenhower’s plane would stay there. During World war 2 many celebrities stayed at Bovingdon to cheer the troops who were transferred to the airfield.

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