About our Upholstery Cleaning Service Harpenden 

We provide cleaning for virtually all kinds of Upholstery whether it’s manmade fibre or natural. With our expert training and knowledge, we determine a proper cleaning method based on the material and design of your furniture. Our highly trained staff will get to work restoring the colour and look of your upholstery. Our services are better and faster than most others because we use top of the range machines for efficient results, and our staff have attended industry leading upholstery cleaning courses. With our cleaning methods, your sofas will remain clean for a considerable period of time. If you want 100% satisfaction book us for cleaning your Upholstery in Harpenden and feel the difference with the results we will be giving you. Choose us because for us our customers come first before anything else.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

We have been in the field of cleaning carpets, exteriors, and Upholstery with established credentials. Our professional experts and responsive service are designed for providing our clients with 100% satisfaction with the service and results we provide. Our specialist cleaning technicians know what they are doing. Our customized cleaning methods are directed at extending the life of your sofas and creating a healthy and neat living environment. With Power of Pressure’s leading-edge technology and modern methods, we make sure to use proper solutions to remove all dirty residues that make your upholstery look unsightly. 

Our philosophy is cleaning is backed by the leading experts of the cleaning industry. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the services of our professional cleaning team we will make sure to fix any issues but if we fail we will refund your costs. We will charge you after you feel totally satisfied with our service and results. Once you are given the services to your satisfaction then you may also book us for our carpet and rug cleaning services to restore the look of the interior of your home with the shiny furniture.

With our most experienced team of professional cleaners, we will make sure that not only your sofas are cleaned by they are provided the maintenance that they require. With our services the life span of your sofas can be lengthened. With regular use, the sofas gather tiny microscopic particles that can not be cleaned properly with the help of the traditional normal vacuum cleaner. Besides affecting the look of your sofa these tiny particles also cause damage to the material and can be very harmful. These particles should not be left in the fabric. With our cleaning process, we ensure that all the particles are removed completely without causing any damage to your fabrics. We use the most modern machines for drying your sofas within 4 to 8 hours.

About Harpenden 

Harpenden is a small town located in the county of Hertfordshire. It has a significant population that is slightly above 30000. It is a relatively expensive town. Due to the direct rail connection with London, the property is in high demand and has caused a high rise in property prices that is more than double the national average.

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