About our Upholstery Cleaning Service Watford 

Our upholstery cleaning service in Watford is unmatchable. Your search for a top quality upholstery cleaning service is over. With years of knowledge and experience in the cleaning industry, Power of Pressure is well equipped to restore your worn-out sofas and revitalize the look of your living room with clean furniture. Our technical team makes sure to provide the best custom cleaning service for your upholstery to give the satisfactory results that you are looking for.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

If you decide to choose our upholstery cleaning service we will make sure that your sofas stay clean for a long time. If you try us once then you will try us for the rest of your life because of the quality of our cleaning. By using relevant cleaning solutions that are the best fit for the make and material of your sofa we ensure that no headache is caused while cleaning your sofas. Power of Pressure can clean the sofas within a matter of hours including the drying process which normally takes days. We use eco-friendly cleaners that are recommended by experts in the industry. Our service is not only focused on cleaning, but we also provide proper care and maintenance for your sofas to give them a long life. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services. You can also avail of our services for carpet and rug cleaning.

Before we begin our cleaning our experts will inspect your furniture to come up with a customized cleaning process according to the needs of your furniture. Even then, if for some reason we are unable to satisfy our customer we offer a money back guarantee. In case of any damage caused during the cleaning, we take full responsibility for making the necessary repairs. We are more than happy to rectify our mistakes because we aim at continuously learning and improving our services to provide maximum satisfaction to clients.

Our professional team is equipped with the latest machinery to provide the best cleaning service for your furniture. You will not book any other company after trying Power of Pressure only once. Our experts use the best quality cleaners that are not toxic. To discharge the harmful residue in your sofa the traditional vacuum cleaners are not sufficient. We have special equipment that can remove harmful particles without harming the colour or quality of your sofa. With our effective cleaning, we will restore the lost colours of your sofa and will dry them up for your use within few hours instead of days. To provide stain protection you can avail of our services on the spot.

About Watford

At a distance of 15 miles from northwest of chairing cross, the town of Watford is situated on the River Colne. With the Local Government Act 1894, Watford was considered an urban district. The first appearance of the name Watford was found in the Anglo Saxon charter of 1007, in which it was mentioned as Watforda.

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